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Session 30 - Teaching Astronomy with the WWW.
Oral session, Monday, January 13
Harbour A,

[30.03] The Internet as a Tool for Astronomy Homework - Conucopia or Curse?

M. J. Creech-Eakman, R. E. Stencel (U. Denver)

We explore methods by which entry level college astronomy classes can utilize the internet as a part of the curriculum.

There are several ways the internet can be used by beginning students: a. finding a specific fact (What does Titan look like, its diameter?) b. finding explanations for theories (What is the hot big bang model? What is light pollution?) c. delving into topics in more depth than textbooks can cover (HST instruments) d. making "connections" in astronomy (Is there an astronomy club in Podunk?)

We will present prototype homework assignments based on these categories and show the performance on these assignments by undergraduate test subjects. Successes and pitfalls will be discussed.

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