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Session 31 - Radiogalaxies - High Energy.
Oral session, Monday, January 13
Pier 4,

[31.05] Rapid TeV and X-Ray Variability of Markarian 421 Observed in May 1996

M. S. Schubnell (U. Michigan, for the Whipple Collaboration)

The high energy emission observed from AGNs is believed to be produced in relativistic jets protruding from the compact center of such objects. Observations of the flux as well as the timescales on which they vary, can, in particular if measured simultaneously at different wavelengths, provide strong constraints on the production and emission processes.

Two dramatic outbursts with extremely rapid and strong flux variations were observed at TeV energies during a 14 day correlated gamma-ray /X-ray campaign with the Whipple Air Cherenkov Detector and RXTE. Simultaneous observations at X-ray energies also show strong and rapid flux variations during this time period. Detailed results of the observations will be discussed in this presentation

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