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Session 32 - Stars in Various Throes of Stellar Evolution.
Oral session, Monday, January 13
Piers 2/3,

[32.01] Possible Planetary Transit Eclipse for CM Draconis

E. F. Guinan, G. P. McCook, S. Wright (Villanova U.), J. Schneider (Meudon)

We report the possible photometric detection of a planetary transit eclipse for the dM5+dM5 (P=1.268d) eclipsing binary star CM Dra. CM Dra was selected as a target for a planet search because its orbital plane is seen almost exactly edge-on (see e.g.,Schneider 10th IAP Astrophys. Colloq.). In this case a planet orbiting the binary in the plane of its orbit would transit across the disks of the stars producing a decrease in brightness that is proportional to the relative areas of the planet to the stars. Ph

The analysis of the photometry will be presented and the constraints on the orbit and properties of this possible planet will be discussed. This research is supported by an NSF/RUI Grant AST 93-15365 which we gratefully acknowledge.

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