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Session 32 - Stars in Various Throes of Stellar Evolution.
Oral session, Monday, January 13
Piers 2/3,

[32.02] Substellar companions: Differential Phase Interferometry

S. R. Kulkarni, X. P. Pan (Caltech), M. Shao, M. Colavita (JPL, Caltech)

A number of radial velocity sub-stellar candidates have been announced. It is generally presumed that these are Jupiter sized objects and predominantly composed of planets and a few brown dwarfs. We discuss a technique using long baseline IR interferometers by which the spectrum of these candidates can be measured using the spectrum of the cool brown dwarf Gl 229B as the expected spectrum. We will then present recent observational results from the Palomar Testbed Interferometer as applied to a number of double stars with very cool companions.

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