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Session 33 - Probing the Early Universe with Keck and HST.
Invited session, Monday, January 13
Frontenac Ballroom,

[33.01] Normal Galaxies at Extreme Redshifts

C. Steidel (Caltech)

We review the properties of the population of star--forming galaxies at redshifts z \sim 3 that have been isolated by photometric selection based on the presence of a pronounced discontinuity at the rest--frame Lyman limit (912 ÅIn particular, we discuss the spectroscopic and morphological properties of the high redshift galaxies, their possible links to galaxies at smaller redshifts, and the implications of this population for theories of galaxy and structure formation. We will also present preliminary results on the large--scale distribution of galaxies near z \sim 3, and other future work that is feasible now that it is straightforward to isolate large samples of galaxies at lookback times of \sim 85% of the age of the Universe.

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