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Session 35 - Galactic X-Ray (XTE) Sources.
Display session, Tuesday, January 14
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[35.05] RXTE Observations of PSR B1509-58/MSH 15-52

D. Marsden, R. E. Rothschild, D. E. Gruber, W. A. Heindl, P. R. Blanco, M. R. Pelling, R. E. Lingenfelter (CASS/UCSD), A. H. Rots, D. J. Macomb (USRA - GSFC/NASA), V. M. Kaspi (IPAC - Caltech), P. L. Hink (WUStL), D. R. MacDonald (UCR)

The PSR B1509-58/MSH 15-52 system consists of a young, rapidly spinning--down pulsar embedded in its supernova remnant. PSR B1509-58 has the highest spindown rate and subsequently the highest derived magnetic field among known pulsars, and therefore represents an important test for theoretical models of pulsar emission processes. The interaction of the pulsar with the surrounding ISM can also be studied by examining the unpulsed flux from the system. We present the results of observations of this complex and interesting system by the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer (RXTE) in the energy range \sim 2-200 keV.

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