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Session 37 - Clusters of Galaxies - X-Rays.
Display session, Tuesday, January 14
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[37.01] Evidence for Central Abundance Enhancements in A496

R. Dupke, R. E. White III (UA)

In this work we present ASCA spatially resolved spectra for the cooling flow cluster Abell 496. We find a mild abundance gradient and a more obvious temperature gradient: within the central 3 arcminutes, abundances are 0.48 solar and the temperature is 3.38 keV; in the outer regions the abundance is 0.35 and the temperature is 4.22 keV; the outer values differ from the central values at >90distribution to galaxy morphological distributions in A496 to determine which galaxy population contributes most to ICM enrichment; analogous relations for Virgo and Coma are also described.

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