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Session 37 - Clusters of Galaxies - X-Rays.
Display session, Tuesday, January 14
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[37.02] Distant X-ray Clusters of Galaxies: Studies and Searches

M. Donahue, P. Lee, M. Postman, M. Dickinson (STScI), J. Stocke (U. of Colorado)

We present the early results of a combined optical and X-ray search for distant clusters of galaxies. We imaged complete ROSAT fields, as selected from deep ROSAT exposures of extragalactic point sources with the Kitt Peak 4-meter. We have compiled a complete catalog of galaxies and clusters (using the Postman matched filter technique) and compared that cluster catalog to X-ray cluster surveys and point sources. We also present HST, ASCA, and ROSAT observations of a sample of X-ray luminous clusters of galaxies with z = 0.5-0.9.

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