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Session 39 - AGN Surveys.
Display session, Tuesday, January 14
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[39.01] Quasars Candidates in the Hubble Deep Field

A. Conti, J. D. Kennefick, P. L. Martini, P. S. Omser (Ohio State U.)

The Hubble Deep Field gives us an unprecedented view of our universe and an opportunity to study a wide range of questions in galaxy evolution and cosmology. Here, we will focus on the search for faint quasars and AGN in the crude combined images using a multicolor imaging analysis that has proven very successful in recent years. To produce a catalog of objects in the field, we used the FOCAS package for object detection with particular care to the set of input parameters used to minimize spurious detections. For each detected source we measured aperture magnitudes in several different apertures using the IRAF PHOT routine. For object classification we have chosen not to use the built in FOCAS routines, instead we have developed classification schemes that closely resemble those of Flynn at al. (1996) to distinguish resolved from unresolved objects in the Hubble Deep Field. We generated synthetic quasar spectra in the range 2.0

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