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Session 40 - Radiogalaxies & Jets.
Display session, Tuesday, January 14
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[40.01] ROSAT Observations of 26W20, a Radio Galaxy without Strong Emission Lines

J. D. Silverman, D. E. Harris (SAO), W. Junor (UNM)

26W20 is a member of a small subgroup of galaxies lying 2.2 Mpc or more from the center of Abell 754. It has core luminosities of Lr=E41 and Lx=E43 erg/s and can be classified as either a one sided jet+lobe radio galaxy or a tailed radio galaxy (TRG). Although low surface brightness emission traces hot gas from Abell 754 out to the neighborhood of the 26W20 subgroup, we find no evidence for extended emission associated with the subgroup itself, and derive upper limits to the density of any local gas hot enough to produce 1 keV emission. This limit on the density provides constraints on the bending of the radio jet required for a TRG model.

ROSAT data suggest that the x-ray luminosity is greater than it was in 1980 and the PSPC (archival) data favor a power law spectrum rather than a thermal spectrum. Both of these properties suggest that the x-ray emission is non-thermal, and we argue that the x-ray emission is beamed, thereby not being available to provide ionizing radiation for emission line regions.

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