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Session 40 - Radiogalaxies & Jets.
Display session, Tuesday, January 14
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[40.02] A ROSAT Observation of the Jet and Nucleus of 3C 120

A. C. Sadun (Agnes Scott College), D. E. Harris, M. Vestergaard (SAO), J. Hjorth (NORDITA)

A section of the radio jet of 3C 120 has recently been detected in the optical with deep CCD images (Hjorth et al. 1995, ApJ 452, L17). We report on a ROSAT High Resolution Imager observation which was designed to ascertain if the radio-optical spectrum of the jet extends to the x-ray band, to determine if the nucleus is resolved with the 5" point response function, and to confirm the tentative detection of an x-ray feature adjacent to the location where the radio jet bends from PA = 270\deg to a north westerly direction (Einstein data, unpublished).

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