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Session 42 - Ground-Based Optical Telescopes & Instruments.
Display session, Tuesday, January 14
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[42.06] Retrofitting CCDs to Small Telescopes --- Progress Report II

R. L. Hawkins, S. Womack (Wellesley C.), D. Berger, I. Hoffman (Colgate U.)

Over the last 7 years, commercially available CCD cameras have made small (16" < D < 40") telescopes much more productive, and opened areas of research previously not available to researchers and students at small college observatories. This is the second progress report on a project by the authors to address how best to use CCDs on small telescopes to insure the highest quality, most scientifically useful data. We will discuss what has been done at Wellesley over the past 2 years to improve efficiency, seeing, CCD dark current, and software control of the telescope. It is our hope that these methods will be applicable not only to Wellesley, but to a wide range of small observatories.

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