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Session 43 - HST Instruments & Other Missions.
Display session, Tuesday, January 14
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[43.10] IMPP, The Far-infrared IMaging Photometer and Polarimeter for SOFIA: Optical Design

L. Deutsch, J. Jackson, D. Clemens (Boston University)

The SOFIA far-infrared IMaging Photometer and Polarimeter (IMPP) instrument will be capable of performing simultaneous dual-wavelength wide-field imaging and dual-polarization polarimetric imaging. Broadband photometric (20 \mum) and polarimetric (40 \mum) bandpasses and 3.5 arcsec (sub-diffraction limited) pixels will permit background-limited faint object detection and mapping. The dual-wavelength capability will enable acquiring flux and spectral index maps simultaneously, using a single telescope pointing and integration. The dual-polarization capability will provide the highest precision magnetic field maps possible with current technology. IMPP will be a general purpose instrument capable of addressing a wide range of astrophysical questions involving young protostellar environments, normal and starburst galaxies, and solar systems as well as providing follow-up, high resolution imaging of ISO, WIRE, 2MASS, and SIRTF targets.

In this poster, we present the lastest optical design for the IMPP instrument and discuss trades, features, and expected performance. Recent innovations and enhancements, including narrow-band imaging and super-resolution, will also be presented.

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