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Session 45 - Supernovae.
Display session, Tuesday, January 14
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[45.03] An HII region associated with Supernova 1978K?

M. J. Montes, K. W. Weiler (NRL)

A reanalysis of the radio data of SN1978K from Ryder et al (1993) implies both the presence of the standard time-dependent absorption due to an ionized wind (Chevalier 1982; Weiler et al. 1989), and the need for a time-independent free-free absorption along the line of sight. We interpret this time-independent absorption as an indication of the presence of an HII region near SN1978K. Derived properties of the HII region, and charateristics of the radio emission of SN1978K are presented.

We emphasize that low frequency observations of radio supernovae at late times may aid in the detection of HII regions along the line of sight.

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