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Session 45 - Supernovae.
Display session, Tuesday, January 14
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[45.11] Supernova Absolute Magnitude Distributions

D. Richardson, D. Branch, D. Casebeer, J. Deaton, E. Baron (Univ. of Okla.)

We have extended the 1990 study of supernova absolute-magnitude distributions by Miller and Branch. Supernova apparent magnitudes are taken from an updated version of the Asiago Supernova Catalog. Where possible, distances are based on Cepheid variables in the SN parent galaxy or a galaxy in the same group; otherwise re-scaled distances from the Nearby Galaxies Catalog, or Hubble-Law distances (for SNe with recession velocities that aren't too small), are used. Mean absolute magnitudes, dispersions, and other characteristics of the observational absolute-magnitude distributions of each of the SN types will be presented. A preliminary model for the statistical distribution of extinction in the parent galaxies, for each of the SN types, is used to estimate the form of the extinction-free absolute magnitude distributions.

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