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Session 47 - Novae.
Display session, Tuesday, January 14
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[47.02] A Dynamical Study of the Eclipsing Nova OY Ara

P. Zhao, J. E. McClintock (SAO)

We present the results of a dynamical study of the classical nova OY Ara. Photometric and spectroscopic observations of the object were carried out at CTIO. OY Ara is an eclipsing system with an orbital period of 0.155466 \pm 0.000003 days. The radial velocity semiamplitude of the H_\alpha emission line is 118 \pm 9 km s^-1. A dynamical analysis shows that the primary and the secondary have masses of M_1 \approx 0.85 M_ødot and M_2 \approx 0.34 M_ødot, respectively, assuming that the secondary is a main sequence star. We also find that the accretion disk of OY Ara is 4-7 magnitudes more luminous than the disk of X-ray novae, presumably due to the much higher rate of mass transfer occurring in OY Ara.

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