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Session 48 - Circumstellar Envelopes.
Display session, Tuesday, January 14
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[48.02] Detection of a 31 km/s Outflow of Material From the V471 Tauri System

L. Rottler (UCO Lick Obs.), C. C. Batalha (Observatório Nacional), S. Vogt (UCSC)

High resolution echelle spectra of the V471 Tauri system were taken during the Fall 1992 observing season using the Hamilton spectrograph on the Lick 3 meter telescope. The observations were taken in 3 independent runs within the period of a month on Oct 17, Nov 10, and Nov 11. Data at more than 7 phases were taken on each run to monitor the stellar activity of the system as a function of phase during a given orbit as well as over a a longer period time. In this paper we confirm previously reported results of higher levels of activity on the surface of the K2 facing the white dwarf companion. We discuss evidence of a 100 km/s gas flow from the K2 companion detected as an absorption feature in the wings of the CaII infrared lines. Third we report the discovery of a massive shell of gas receeding from the system at 31 Km/s from the runs on Nov 10 and Nov 11 which is clearly absent from the observations taken several weeks earlier on Oct 17. We discuss evidence that this material is from an ejection event on the K2 companion sometime between Oct 17 and Nov 10.

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