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Session 50 - Molecular Outflows, Stellar Jets, and Herbig-Haro Objects.
Display session, Tuesday, January 14
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[50.07] Radiative Cooling in MHD (1.5D) Simulations of Stellar Jets

J. Franklin (Reed C./MMO), A. Noriega-Crespo (IPAC/MMO), A. Frank (UR)

One dimensional magneto hydrodynamic simulations (1.5D) including radiative cooling are presented in this work. It has been shown that radiative cooling has a macroscopic effect on MHD jet outflow simulations, but the specific features of the simulations depend somewhat on the form in which the cooling is introduced. Various implementations of the radiative cooling model are tested for mathematical stability and physical realism. These include adapted time steps that combine the physical cooling and radiative cooling processes, and different functional forms for the introduction of an energy correction. In particular, instead of using a quadratic, quartic or asymptotic interpolation of the cooling curve we interpolate the energy depletion term explicitly.

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