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Session 51 - WIRE, MSX and the Cosmic Background.
Display session, Tuesday, January 14
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[51.05] Intermediate Angular Scale CMB Anisotropy Induced by Cosmic Strings

L. Knox (CITA), B. Allen (U. Wisconsin -- Milwaukee), R. R. Caldwell, E. P. S. Shellard (D.A.M.T.P.), S. Dodelson, A. Stebbins (NASA/Fermilab), S. Veeraraghavan (NASA/GSFC)

We calculate the angular power spectrum, C_l, of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) induced by cosmic strings at all angular scales greater than \sim 10'. We do this by integrating the Green's functions for the microwave anisotropy multiplied by the stress-energy tensor for the strings to get the anisotropy observed today -- from which we estimate the angular power spectrum. The stress-energy tensor of the strings is calculated by numerical evolution of the string network in a matter-dominated Universe. The Green's functions are calculated by solving the Boltzmann equation for photon transport in the presence of scalar, vector and tensor metric perturbations. Here we display the equations, discuss approximations related to the string simulation, and show the results for the angular power spectrum, C_l. The Green's functions can be applied to other simulations of topological defects.

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