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Session 55 - Supernova Remnants.
Oral session, Tuesday, January 14
Harbour A,

[55.02] X-ray and IR Signatures of Dusty Adiabatic Shock Waves

O. Vancura, J. C. Raymond (CfA)

We have previously constructed a steady-state dusty shock model which is a self-consistent treatment of the effects of destruction, thermal heating, and deceleration of the grains on the gas-phase abundances, ionization structure and X-ray emission.

We have now adapted the code to predict emissions from a dusty adiabatic blast wave. We make specific predictions about the X-ray spectrum and thermal IR grain emissions emanating from the postshock material.

We will compare these new predictions to approximations adapted from the steady-state modeling. We will also compare to global observations of primary shocks in the Cygnus Loop and Puppis A SNRs in an effort to broaden our understanding of dusty shocks and remnant evolution.

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