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Session 60 - Next Generation Space Telescope.
Oral session, Tuesday, January 14
Piers 4/5,

[60.08] Next Generation Space Telescope Integrated Performance Modeling

D. Redding, A. Kissil, M. Milman (JPL), R. Beaman, L. Craig, P. Luz, M. Nein, G. Schunk (NASA/MSFC), G. Mosier, M. Femiano, C. Congedo (NASA/GSFC)

The imaging performance of a NGST is degraded by thermal deformation, vibration, attitude control noise, imperfect optics and other effects. Performance is restored through active and adaptive optical control, coupled with a system design process that crosscuts the structural, thermal, optical and control subsystems. Integrated computer modeling tools enable accurate prediction of NGST performance as a function of design parameters from these subsystems. Detailed closed-loop imaging performance results are presented to illustrate specific system architecture issues.

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