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Session 61 - Formation and Structure of the Milky Way.
Oral session, Tuesday, January 14
Harbour B,

[61.04] Preliminary Results from the MSX Satellite: Infrared Observations of the Galactic Plane

R. F. Shipman, M. P. Egan, S. D. Price (Phillips Laboratory/GPOB)

We present preliminary results from observations of two regions in the Galactic plane from the mid-infrared radiometer aboard the Midcource Space Experiment (MSX). The observations cover a 1^\circ \times 3^\circ field of the Galactic center and a similar field at l=28^\circ. The radiometer abord MSX simultaneously observes 5 pass bands ranging from 4 to 25 \mu m with a spatial resolution of 18" . We present results for the MSX Band A detectors (6-11 \: \mu m) and compare the results with IRAS 12 \: \mu m ISSA images and full resolution IRAS images from the Galactic Plane Supplement (GPS). The higher resolution of MSX clearly resolves the regions that were confused to IRAS. We compare the extracted source density as a function of galatic lattitude with current IRAS data and models.

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