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Session 61 - Formation and Structure of the Milky Way.
Oral session, Tuesday, January 14
Harbour B,

[61.06] Infrared Imaging of the Galactic Center

H. Latvakoski, G. Stacey, T. Hayward, G. Gull (Cornell Univ.)

We present images of the Galactic Center at 31.5 and 37.7 microns obtained with the Kuiper Widefield Infrared Camera (KWIC) on the KAO. These images cover the circumnuclear ring and the galactic center arches. The thermal arches have a uniform color temperature and are well aligned with the radio continuum arches. This suggests internal heating of the arches, and we calculate a uniform distribution of B0 stars would produce the observed fluxes. These conclusions are supported by our [NeII] (12.81 micron) spectra taken in this region. The mini-spiral is clearly visible in our images as is the entire cicumnuclear ring. Our color temperature map shows this region to be mainly centrally heated, but localized temperature peaks are scattered throughout the map. Comparison with our recently obtained 12.5 micron map of the same area suggests these are embedded sources. Using the KWIC data, we have developed a model of the dust distribution and source luminosity in the inner few parsecs which provides a simple explanation for the appearance of the ring and mini-spiral.

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