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Session 70 - The Milky Way.
Display session, Wednesday, January 15
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[70.01] Multiwavelength Milky Way: An Educational Poster

D. Leisawitz (NASA/GSFC), S. W. Digel (Hughes STX, NASA/GSFC), S. Geitz (Purdue Univ. Technical Graphics Dept.)

The Astrophysics Data Facility at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center supports the processing, management, and dissemination of data obtained by past, current, and future NASA and international astrophysics missions, and promotes the effective use of those data by the astrophysics community, educators, and the public. Our Multiwavelength Milky Way poster was printed for broad distribution. It depicts the Galaxy at radio, infrared, optical, X--ray, and gamma--ray wavelengths. In particular, the poster contains images of the Galactic 21--cm and CO (J \, = \, 1 \rightarrow 0) line emission, and IRAS 12, 60, and 100 \mum, COBE/DIRBE 1.25, 2.2, and 3.5 \mum, Digitized Sky Survey optical wavelength, ROSAT/PSPC 0.25, 0.75, and 1.5 keV X--ray, and CGRO/EGRET E > 100 MeV gamma ray broadband emission. All of the data sets are publicly available. Captions describe the Milky Way and what can be learned about the Galaxy from measurements made in each segment of the electromagnetic spectrum. The poster is intended to be an educational tool, one that will stimulate heightened awareness by laypersons of NASA's contribution to modern astronomy.

Through an interface available on the World Wide Web at \tt one may view the images that appear on the poster, read the poster captions, and locate the archived data and references. Copies of the poster will be distributed at the AAS meeting.

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