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Session 70 - The Milky Way.
Display session, Wednesday, January 15
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[70.08] The Milky Way Halo -- A Kinematic Bowl of Spaghetti?

P. Harding, E. Olszewski (Steward Obs.), K. Freeman (MSSSO), M. Mateo (U. Michigan), H. Morrison (CWRU), J. Norris (MSSSO)

The discovery of the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy, caught in the act of merging with the Milky Way, highlights the question: "How much of the Galaxy's halo was accreted in this way?". To test this hypothesis we are making a major survey of the Galaxy's halo which reaches into the outer halo, well outside the region accessible with proper motion surveys.

We present the results of simulations of the tidal destruction of satellites by the Milky Way potential, which we are using to optimize our search strategy. We will also show early ressults from the survey: color-magnitude diagrams and spectra of halo stars identified from a field at l=126, b=-45.

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