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Session 71 - Globular Clusters.
Display session, Wednesday, January 15
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[71.11] HST Color-Magnitude Diagrams of Super-Metal-Rich Globular Clusters in the M31 Bulge

P. Jablonka (Obs. de Paris), T. Bridges (RGO Cambridge), A. Sarajedini (NOAO/KPNO), G. Meylan (ESO), G. Meynet, A. Maeder (Obs. de Geneve)

We present color-magnitude diagrams of two super-metal-rich globular clusters, G177 and G198, located in the bulge of M31, from Cycle 5 and Cycle 6 HST-WFPC2 images. Our observations consist of 5200 sec of exposure time in F555W and 4800 sec exposure time in F814W. The images have been reduced with DAOPHOT/ALLSTAR/ALLFRAME using the PSFs constructed as part of the ``Cepheid Distance Scale" key project. These colour-magnitude diagrams allow us to address the question of what is the highest chemical enrichment reached in globular clusters, and how these systems are related to the evolution of their parent galaxies. Images of two more clusters, G1 and G170, have also been obtained for use in constructing a relative metallicity scale to calibrate G177 and G198.

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