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Session 72 - Open Clusters.
Display session, Wednesday, January 15
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[72.02] CCD Imaging of the Open Cluster NGC 3293

R. Slawson, Z. Ninkov (R.I.T.)

CCD images of the galactic open cluster NGC 3293 have been obtained to study its IMF and star formation history.

This cluster is interesting in that its IMF has been reported to differ from the usual ``universal'' IMF. In his review, Scalo (1986) remarks that this is the youngest cluster with a clear dip in its IMF near m=3M_ødot. Herbst amp; Miller (1982) also report an age spread amongst the member stars and suggest that the IMF varied with time during cluster formation.

We obtained images both of the center and outer regions of the cluster in broad-band UBVRI and a narrow-band filter near the Mg 'b' line. Here we report on progress in analyzing these images towards the goal of further studying the IMF of this cluster.

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