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Session 74 - Pulsars.
Display session, Wednesday, January 15
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[74.07] Phase-Coherent Pulsar Data Analysis Using the S2 Baseband Recording System

D. A. Del Rizzo, W. Van Straten, N. Bartel (York U.), W. Cannon (ISTS/York U.), R. Wietfeldt (NASA JPL), M. Bailes (Melbourne U.)

The process of recording phase-coherent pulsar data, and subsequent software dispersion removal, provides us with a means of achieving data collection at the limits of high time resolution. This allows for more precise measurements of pulse timing and the study of fast signal fluctuations within an integrated pulse profile. Until recently, this research has been limited by the recording systems used to collect data at the telescope. With the development of the S2 Recording System (S2) and its Tape-to-Computer Interface (TCI), we are able to record a phase-coherent pulsar signal at baseband frequency, and subsequently transfer the data directly to disk. Baseband recording coupled with the increasingly higher performance of current computer hardware, allows us to analyze these data much more quickly and efficiently. We give an overview of the S2 Baseband Processing System for phase-coherent pulsar observations, present preliminary results from our analysis of data from several pulsars, and discuss plans for future developments.

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