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Session 75 - Infrared Instrumentation.
Display session, Wednesday, January 15
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[75.04] Drift Scanning Using Near Infrared Arrays

V. Gorjian, E. L. Wright, I. S. McLean (UCLA)

We present the results from drift scanned images obtained using infrared arrays with the UCLA Two Channel Infrared Camera (Gemini) at the Lick 3m telescope. The software for two different arrays, one a NICMOS/HgCdTe and the other an SBRC/InSb, were modified to allow them to do drift scanning. This technique was then applied to large celestial objects in multiple near-IR bands including the L band (3.5 mum).

We obtained images of M 3, a globular cluster, and M 17, an HII region, reaching 12th magnitude in the L band and 15th magnitude in the J band. A long strip of the moon was also imaged using a narrow band filter. We believe that we have demonstrated the feasibility of modifying existing arrays to be able to conduct large shallow surveys in the 1 to 5 mum region.

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