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Session 76 - Cataclysmic Variables and Accretion Disks.
Display session, Wednesday, January 15
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[76.11] Visualizing an SPH Model of Accretion Disks in Cataclysmic Variables

N. A. Miller, J. C. Simpson, M. A. Wood (Florida Inst. of Tech.)

We present results of an SPH model of accretion disks in short-period mass-transferring binaries using \underbarIBM Data Explorer to visualize and animate the data. Surfaces of constant density are displayed as three-dimensional objects. Various cross-sectional plane views illustrate the interior thermal structure of the disk. These visualizations clearly show shock waves which appear to be quasi-static in the corotating frame of reference, and which therefore may be a possible mechanism for generating the observed quasi-periodic photometric variations in cataclysmic variables.

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