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Session 77 - Binary Stars.
Display session, Wednesday, January 15
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[77.16] Doppler Tomography of Ultraviolet Spectra of the RS CVn Binary HR 1099

E. W. Rosolowsky, M. T. Richards (U. Virginia)

Archival IUE spectra of HR 1099 from 1978 -- 1994 were used to obtain reconstructed Doppler images of the sources of emission in the binary. Doppler tomograms were made from the Mg h+k, C II, He II and Ly \alpha lines. These results are consistent with chromospheric emission in the case where the gas is tidally enhanced. The tomograms show the gas centered on and around the velocity of the more magnetically active K star with a concentration at the velocity of the L1 point.

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