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Session 78 - Stars - Young and Old, Large and Small.
Display session, Wednesday, January 15
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[78.18] G357.1-00.2: a Peculiar Nonthermal Radio Source Near the Galactic Centre.

A. D. Gray (DRAO)

The Galactic Centre is home to a number of unusual nonthermal, radio emitting objects, such the filaments and threads near Sgr A, the Snake, and the Tornado (G357.7-0.1). This paper presents recent high resolution radio observations of another peculiar nonthermal source in this region. First catalogued at low resolution nearly 20 years ago, and more recently identified as nonthermal and hence an SNR candidate, G357.1-00.2 was found to have surprising properties in the new 20 and 6cm VLA data presented here. Although of unremarkable spectrum (\alpha \simeq -0.5, for S_\nu \propto \nu^\alpha), this object -- unlike typical SNRs -- was found to consist of a tangle of very highly polarised filaments (up to 60%) and apparently unpolarised compact components. No obvious link exists to an adjacent radio pulsar (B1736-31), but it cannot be ruled out conclusively as the powering source. An alternate identification for G357.1-00.2 as an extragalactic object is deemed unlikely, but also cannot be ruled out at this time.

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