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Session 81 - Variable Cool and Late Type Stars.
Display session, Wednesday, January 15
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[81.08] Multiwavelength Activity Profiles of Cool Stars

J. C. Hall (Lowell Obs.), S. L. Baliunas (CfA)

We have constructed detailed observing histories of a large number of cool stars by combining measurements of magnetic-activity-sensitive lines in ground-based data and space archival data into what we term multiwavelength activity profiles (MAPs) of these stars. To construct a MAP, we first combine the Mt. Wilson Observatory HK project data and the Lowell Observatory Solar-Stellar Spectrograph (SSS) near-UV to near-IR data for a given target into absolute-flux-calibrated records of the star's chromospheric variability. We then add IUE NEWSIPS-processed spectra and available EUV and X-ray data to produce the final MAP, which provides a comprehensive picture of the long-term variability in the target stars from their low chromospheres to their coronae.

In this poster we present representative MAPs for nine stars with large space-based data sets (HDs 20630, 22049, 35296, 39587, 61421, 72905, 115383, 131156A, and 201091). We first describe how we combine the various data into a uniformly calibrated MAP, and then examine the response of different regions of the stellar atmospheres to cyclic, rotational, and short-term variability.

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