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Session 89 - Starburst Galaxies.
Oral session, Wednesday, January 15
Piers 4/5,

[89.01] NIR Imaging Spectroscopy of IRAS FSC10214+4724: Evidence for a starburst region around an AGN at z=2.3

H. Kroker (Max-Planck-Institut)

I report 1" imaging spectroscopy of the 1.95 to 2.4\mum wavelength region in the z=2.284 galaxy IRAS F10214+4724. I find that the rest-frame H\alpha and [NII] emission have different spatial extents. Furthermore, broad (\Delta v_\mbox\scriptsize FWZP\approx 3500\,\mboxkm/s) H\alpha emission is detected. I conclude that F10214+4724 is a very luminous gravitationally lensed galaxy which intrinsically contains both a type 1 active galactic nucleus, as well as a more extended star forming disk. The AGN and circum-nuclear star formation both contribute significantly to the total luminosity of \sim10^13 L_ødot.

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