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Session 97 - Planetary Nebulae.
Display session, Thursday, January 16
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[97.08] Molecular Hydrogen Imaging of Bipolar Planetary Nebulae

J. L. Hora (IfA/U. Hawaii), W. B. Latter (NASA/Ames)

We report on results from a program of studying the distribution of molecular hydrogen (H_2) emission in bipolar planetary nebulae (BPN) by high spatial resolution imaging in the 2.12 \mum line and nearby continuum. The tip/tilt guider at the Univ. of Hawaii 2.2 m telescope was used to provide nearly diffraction-limited imaging. Most of the BPN observed had spatially distinct H_2 emission in the equatorial region and/or the bipolar lobes, confirming previously observed correlations between BPN and H_2 emission. New detections of H_2 emission were made in several BPN, including NGC 6881, K 3-93, M 1-7, M 2-53, and M 4-14.

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