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Session 97 - Planetary Nebulae.
Display session, Thursday, January 16
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[97.12] Wind Abundances for the [WC]-type Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae

R. L. Kingsburgh (York U.), M. J. Barlow (University College London), I. Dashevsky (York U.)

We present an abundance analysis, utilizing recombination theory, for the [WC] Wolf-Rayet central stars of the planetary nebulae NGC 6751, NGC 6905, NGC 5189 and for Sand 3. The [WC] stars are a hydrogen-deficient sub-group of the central stars of planetary nebulae. Their spectra exhibit strong, broad emission line features, indicative of stellar winds similar to those found in the Population I WC and WO stars. This analysis is based on optical spectrophotometry and IUE archive spectra of a sample of [WC] stars which show a strong OVI 3811,34 Å\/ feature in emission. We have performed a recombination line analysis of stellar wind emission lines which are judged to be optically thin, in order to derive relative carbon, oxygen and helium abundances. We also present a comparison of the derived wind abundances with those of the Population I WO stars, and with the late-type [WC] stars.

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