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Session 98 - AGN-Absorption/Emission.
Display session, Thursday, January 16
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[98.07] FeII Emission from Active Galactic Nuclei: Iron Project Atomic Data and Exact Radiative Transfer

T. A. A. Sigut (High Altitude Obs.), A. K. Pradhan (Ohio State U.)

We have calculated theoretical Fe\,\sc ii emission line strengths for Active Galactic Nuclei Broad-Line Regions using atomic data from the Iron Project and an exact treatment of radiative transfer. The Fe\,\sc ii atomic model consists of 825 fine-structure levels and includes approximately 1.5\cdot 10^4 radiative transitions. The coupled equations of radiative transfer and statistical equilibrium were solved with a local approximate lambda operator technique, and all three previously considered excitation mechanisms for the Fe\,\sc ii emission, continuum fluorescence, collisional excitation, and self-fluorescence among the Fe\,\sc ii lines, were included within the framework of exact radiative transfer. In this initial work, the radiative transfer solutions were obtained in photoionized cloud models computed with traditional methods.

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