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Session 98 - AGN-Absorption/Emission.
Display session, Thursday, January 16
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[98.12] Spatially Resolved HUT Spectra of NGC1068

J. P. Grimes, G. A. Kriss, A. F. Davidsen (JHU)

We present far-ultraviolet observations of NGC 1068 obtained using the Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope (HUT) during the March 1995 Astro-2 mission. Three separate spectra of this prototypical Seyfert 2 galaxy were obtained through a 12 arcsecond-diameter aperture centered on different locations near the nucleus. The first pointing (A1) was centered north of the optical nucleus and west of the ionization cone; the nucleus was on the southern edge of the aperture. The second (A2) centered the nucleus in the aperture. The third (B) was centered on the ionization cone, with the nucleus several arcseconds outside the aperture. In the far ultraviolet (912ÅÅlocation B has both brighter emission lines and continuum than the nuclear region (location A2) by a factor of \sim 1.5. Position A1 is fainter than either A2 or B in both lines and continuum. The emission lines at location B are also blue-shifted relative to A1 and A2 by \sim 180 km s^-1 and \sim 270 km s^-1 respectively. We will discuss the relative merits of shock heating and photoionization for excitation of the emission-line gas based on these new observations.

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