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Session 100 - Accretion Disks and Black Holes.
Display session, Thursday, January 16
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[100.04] Compton Scattering of Polarized Radiation in Two-phase Accretion Disks: Feautrier Method

C. Hsu, O. M. Blaes (UCSB Physics)

Radiative transfer calculations of Compton scattering of polarized radiation in a corona above a cold accretion disk are performed using the Feautrier method and the Compton scattering matrix. The corona has a plane-parallel geometry and is assumed to be homogeneous with a fixed temperature. The code is used to investigate the change of the intensity and polarization of radiation as the optical depth of the corona varies over a range of interest. Also, it is used to calculate the change of the Lyman edge in the spectrum, produced by the cold accretion disk atmosphere, when the radiation passes through the corona. Using the Feautrier method to calculate radiative transfer is much faster than the Monte Carlo method, and it has the flexibility to be adapted to different corona geometry and boundary conditions.

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