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Session 101 - X-rays and X-ray Bursts.
Display session, Thursday, January 16
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[101.04] The Distribution of Gamma-Ray Bursts measured at MeV Energies by CGRO-COMPTEL

A. Connors, M. McConnell, J. M. Ryan (U. New Hampshire), R. M. Kippen (U. Alabama at Huntsville), K. Bennett, F. Pelaez, O. R. Williams, C. Winkler (Astrophysics Div., ESTEC, Netherlands), W. Collmar, J. Greiner, V. Schönfelder, M. Varendorff (MPI fur Extraterrestrische Physik, Garching, FRG), W. Hermsen, L. Kuiper (SRON-Utrecht, Netherlands)

The imaging COMPTEL telescope has observed two new bright bursts, GRB 960808 and GRB 961001. With these, COMPTEL has measured the positions and 0.75--30 MeV spectra of thirty-one gamma-ray bursts within its \sim\pi sr field of view. GRB 961001 was only weakly detected (\sim4\sigma), but in an ongoing collaboration with BACODINE and New Mexico State University, the COMPTEL position was relayed to a global network of multiwavelength observers in near real time (8.5 minutes). GRB 960808 was not detected in real--time, but was brighter (\sim6.3\sigma). Like most bursts observed by COMPTEL, its spectrum appears to be well--represented by a power-law with photon index \sim2.5. Indeed, in concurrence with earlier SMM and current BATSE, OSSE, and EGRET measurements, COMPTEL data add to the accumulating evidence that GRB spectra do seem to have a characteristic shape: a peak (in E^2 F(E)) around several hundred keV; and a power law above (spectral index 1.5-3.5) extending beyond the COMPTEL energy range. We will present the latest results on the spatial, spectral, and temporal distributions of gammma-ray bursts observed so far in the telescope field of view.

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