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Session 101 - X-rays and X-ray Bursts.
Display session, Thursday, January 16
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[101.09] GRIS Measurement of the Cosmic Diffuse Background Spectrum

S. D. Barthelmy, J. E. Naya (NASA-GSFC (USRA)), N. Gehrels, A. Parsons, B. Teegarden, J. Tueller (NASA-GSFC), L. M. Bartlett (NASA-GSFC (NAS-NRC)), M. Leventhal (U. of Maryland)

The GRIS instrument recently made a measurement of the Cosmic Diffuse spectrum during a 32 hour balloon flight from Alice Springs, Australia during 24-26 Oct 1996. A new wide- FOV configuration (100x75deg) of the GRIS instrument with a blocking crystal was used. Upper limits on steps in the spectrum at 847 and 1238 keV due to the integrated contributions of Co-56 from supernovae throughout the universe as predicted by Zdziaski (MNRS, 281, 96) and The et al.(ApJ, 403, 93) will be presented.

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