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Session 102 - Clusters of Galaxies.
Display session, Thursday, January 16
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[102.03] The Discovery of a New Class of Compact Galaxy Systems Inside the Coma Cluster.

C. J. Conselice, J. S. Gallagher III (U. Wisconsin, Madison)

We present evidence for a new class of compact galaxy systems found inside the Coma Cluster. These compact galaxy systems are composed of a small number of galaxies dominated by an early type central galaxy with smaller members showing interactions with each other as well as with the central galaxy.

We have found two examples of these compact galaxy systems whose central galaxies are members of the Coma Cluster. The images of these compact systems are taken in the R-band with the WIYN 3.5-m telescope. The sizes of both compact systems are 25 kpc across with each system composed of a large central elliptical galaxy with an average of seven interacting smaller members surrounding it. We present the images and the data associated with these compact systems. An analysis and interpretation based on their unique structures and environments are also presented.

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