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Session 105 - Molecular Cores and Protostars.
Display session, Thursday, January 16
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[105.05] First SCUBA submillimetre images of star formation regions and molecular clouds.

G. Sandell, W. Holland, I. Robson, W. Gear, T. Jenness, J. Lightfoot (JAC)

We present the first SCUBA 850 micron and 450 micron images of a selection of star forming regions and molecular clouds.

SCUBA is a twin-array camera with 37 pixels at 850 (or 750/600) microns observing simultaneously with 91 pixels at 450 (or 350) microns. The bolometers are cooled to less than 100mK for maximum sensitivity.

SCUBA is currently undergoing successful commissioning on the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope on Mauna Kea and is producing spectacular data. A range of objects have already been mapped, from class-0 protostars, HII regions, high-mass star formation clouds, large-scale molecular clouds.

The instantaneous field-of-view of 2.3 arcminutes, along with the spatial resolution of around 12 arcseconds at 850 microns and 6 arcseconds at 450 microns provide a powerful diagnostic of the continuum emission from dust - its distribution, temperature and chemical composition (from the spectral index).

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