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Session 105 - Molecular Cores and Protostars.
Display session, Thursday, January 16
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[105.07] Constraints On the Dust Toward the BN Object Based On Models of the Water-Ice Polarization

D. W. Messinger, W. G. Roberge, D. C. B. Whittet (Rensselaer Poly. Inst.), A. Chrysostomou (U. of Hertfordshire)

Recent observations of the 3\mum water-ice polarization feature toward the Becklin - Neugebauer object provide us with a unique opportunity to constrain the grain population in this line of sight. From the data, we constructed a model reproducing both the continuum and feature polarization. Our model assumes a ``layered slab'' structure of different grain populations; some are bare cores while others have ice mantles. Through this layered structure model, we are able to reproduce the observed rotation of the plane of polarization across the water-ice polarization feature. This has previously been interpreted as two separate components aligned in different directions, one bare and one mantled. We have quantified this respective difference in alignment between the two components. We have also investigated the factors contributing to differences between the extinction and polarization features based on a simple Lorentz oscillator model.

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