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Session 106 - HII Regions and Ultracompact HII Regions.
Display session, Thursday, January 16
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[106.05] Detection of 7mm Sources Near Cometary HII Regions

P. Carral (Depto. de Astronomia, U. de Gto.), S. Kurtz, L. F. Rodriguez (IA-UNAM), C. DePree (Agnes Scott College), P. Hofner (NAIC Arecibo)

We present 7 mm VLA observations of the cometary HII regions G75.78+0.34 and NGC6334F. In addition to the free-free emission from the HII regions we detect 7 mm continuum sources near their cometary arcs. In the case of G75.78+0.34, 2cm emission is also detected; the emission at both wavelengths is coincident with water maser clumps observed in the region. The spectral index for the source is consistent with that of an optically thick HII region. For NGC6334F, however, we use an upper limit to the 1.3 cm flux density to derive a lower limit to the spectral index that is consistent with thermal emission from dust. The nature of the 7 mm sources and their relation to the nearby cometary HII regions is discussed.

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