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Session 107 - Radio Astronomy and VLBI Instruments.
Display session, Thursday, January 16
Metropolitan Ballroom,

[107.05] A Near Real-Time Test Correlator for the VSOP Space VLBI Mission

F. Crawford, I. M. Avruch, D. B. Haarsma, B. F. Burke (MIT), G. I. Langston (NRAO)

We describe a near real-time test correlator for the upcoming VSOP space VLBI mission. The correlator will be used as an additional debugging tool for the VSOP satellite in its in-orbit checkout period before astronomical observations begin.

The correlator is a PC-based system which will acquire digitized signals from a test radio source using the VSOP satellite and the 140-foot telescope located in Green Bank, WV as a single baseline interferometer. Once the signals have been acquired, the data will then be correlated using digital signal processing hardware so that feedback about the state of the spacecraft can be presented quickly to the satellite operations group.

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