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Session 109 - Seyferts.
Oral session, Thursday, January 16
Piers 4/5,

[109.04] A CCD Study of the Environment of Seyfert Galaxies

M. DeRobertis, K. Hayhoe (York U.), H. K. C. Yee (U. Toronto)

We report on an R-band CCD imaging survey of the environments of 35 Seyfert galaxies and a control sample of 55 non-active or normal galaxies. Both samples were selected from the CfA catalog and the control group was designed to have the same distribution in redshift, absolute luminosity and morphological classification as the Seyfert galaxy sample. Preliminary results indicate that these Seyfert galaxies are located in more isolated environments than the control sample, with fewer close companions (< 50 kpc) and a smaller average galaxy-galaxy covariance amplitude (< 250 kpc). An analysis of the immediate environment to search for very close companions (< 10 kpc) is also being carried out.

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