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Session 111 - Massive Black Holes and Dynamics of Galaxy Cores.
Oral session, Thursday, January 16
Harbour A,

[111.06] The Central Structure of Early Type Galaxies

T. R. Lauer (KPNO/NOAO), S. M. Faber (UCO/Lick), S. Tremaine (CITA), J. Kormendy (IfA), D. Richstone (Michigan)

We parametrize HST surface-brightness profiles of 61 elliptical galaxies and bulges by break radii r_b and break brightnesses I_b. Luminous galaxies (M_V<-20.5) have cuspy cores with steep outer power-law profiles that break at r=r_b to shallow inner profiles I\propto r^-\gamma, with \gamma\leq0.3. Break radii for these objects are approximately proportional to effective radius and luminosity. Cores follow a fundamental plane that parallels the global fundamental plane. Faint galaxies (M_V>-22.0) show steep, largely featureless power-law profiles that lack cores. The centers of power-law galaxies are up to 1000 times denser in mass than the cores of large galaxies at 10 pc. At intermediate magnitudes (-22.0

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