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Session 111 - Massive Black Holes and Dynamics of Galaxy Cores.
Oral session, Thursday, January 16
Harbour A,

[111.07] A Survey of Central Milky Way Stellar Kinematics at b = -6^\circ

G. P. Tiede (Ohio State U.)

I present results of a photometric and spectroscopic study of \sim700 stars in four fields in the direction of the inner Milky Way. The fields are centered at (\ell, b) = (-24.8, -6.0), (-8.7, -6.0), (+8.4, -6.0), and (+24.4, -6.1). The inner fields were chosen to sample inner disk and bulge kinematics at positions symmetric about the minor axis, and the outer fields were chosen to sample the inner disk free of a bulge background. I measure radial velocities and selected indices of line strength from the spectra. By combining this spectral information with the VI photometry, I derive average reddening to each field, and the metallicity of and photometric parallax to each star. Assuming axisymmetric stellar kinematics, I also calculate rotation velocities and azimuthal velocity dispersion in each field. I use the distances derived from the photometric parallaxes to determine the distribution of the stars along the line-of-sight. This distribution allows a direct determination of the number of foreground disk stars present in the inner two fields and an investigation of metallicity and kinematics along the line-of-sight.

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