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Session 116 - Large Scale Structure.
Oral session, Thursday, January 16
Piers 4/5,

[116.06] Very Large-Scale Structure Using QSO Absorption Line Systems

D. E. Vanden Berk, J. M. Quashnock, D. G. York (U. Chicago)

We study clustering on very large scales --- from several tens to hundreds of comoving Mpc --- using an extensive catalog of heavy--element QSO absorption line systems. We find significant evidence that C IV absorbers are clustered on comoving scales of 100 h^-1 Mpc (q_0=0.5) and less. The superclustering is present even at high redshift (z\sim 3); furthermore, it does not appear that the superclustering scale (comoving) has changed significantly since then. Our estimate of that scale increases to 240 h^-1 Mpc if q_0=0.1, which is larger than the largest scales of clustering seen at the present epoch. This may be indicative of a larger value of q_0, and hence Ømega_0. We present maps of the absorber distribution on very large scales (several Gpc), identify several high--redshift supercluster candidates, and discuss preliminary results on the power spectrum P(k).

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